krumsvik (2008).  Situated learning and teacher’ digital competence. Education and Information Technologies! Vol. 13, no. 4.

Computer literacy, media literacy, digital literacy and digital competence are all concepts that highlight the need to handle technology in our digital age. However, when it comes to teachers’ digital literacy there is a need to develop a more pedagogic-didactic content for digital literacy in order to deal with the way in which new digital trends influence the underlying conditions for schools, pedagogy and subjects. This theoretical article will therefore examine whether a broader view of knowledge (situated learning) can be a relevant theoretical underpinning for a new digital competence model for teachers and the Scandinavian English perception of the term competence. The article is particularly angled towards how the complexity of teachers’ digital literacy makes it necessary to expand our traditional perception of this concept. The implications of the article indicate that five vital structures are found to be essential to perceptions amongst teachers of the importance of Information- and Communication Technology (ICT) and achievement of digital competence.


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