Why am I doing this research?

Here are some reasons for why I am doing this research

Digital competence is a competence I find important. It is considered by the EU commission to be one of the key competences in education.  The digital world is changing ever faster, so teacher digital competencies must be developed constantly.

There are several ways to improve competences.  One way is for teachers to be active members of a community of practice.  eTwinning is one such community and I am a member.  I want to research how teachers can develop their competence in an online community of practice, such as eTwinning.

Why eTwinning?

I have taken part in eTwinning projects and I have now realized how powerful (online) communities of practice can be.  I want to research more about the strengths and opportunities of eTwinning but also the weaknesses and challenges.

(There is more to read in my blogs about reasons for the research)